About NetworkTik.com

Welcome to NetworkTik.com – My name is Maher Haddad. I am an Authorized MikroTik, Cisco and LigoWave Trainer.

My Story

Back in year 2003, I started learning networking after holding my bachelor degree in Computer Communications.

2 years later, I could pass successfully Cisco CCNA exam (which is valid until today) and I also could get my Master degree in Computer Science.

Then I have worked for many international companies in IT and I kept getting more certificates from Cisco and from other vendors such as Huawei, MikroTik, Juniper, LigoWave, Comptia and so on.

In year 2011, I became an Authorized Cisco Trainer and was teaching classroom courses for Cisco.

By end year 2016, I have decided that I wish to share my knowledge to the maximum number of students. The only way that I found it possible was via the web. So I have started posting online video courses on Udemy platform then I have built up my own online video school which is https://mynetworktraining.com.

I could have more than 60 thousand students enrolled in my courses with a very good review of 4.6/5 by end of year 2021.

In year 2021, I became an Authorized MikroTik Trainer and I opened a training center in The Netherlands to teach MikroTik courses for my students.

During those years, I have written 4 books and hosted them on Amazon. Then the idea came to my mind to make a website where I can create lessons about different vendors to help students to read any topic that they wish to know about. This was the main idea about https://networktik.com

Nowadays I spend most of my time as a consultant and instructor recording video courses, writting books, writting posts and teach classroom courses. When I have some spare time I enjoy cycling, swimming, being with my family and walking.

Why NetworkTik.com ?

After many years of teaching experience, I have decided to share my knowledge on one platform where anyone can learn IT skills from different vendors using one website – that was the creation of NetworkTik.com.