Multicast on ROS v6

Multicast on MikroTik is a topic that was not given a lot of attention by a lot of engineers. Also, you don’t find a lot of resources about it on the net. However, this topic is very important specially for ISP’s who can provide an added value to their customers by providing video service to their customers. Imagine that you are getting internet service from your ISP and also possibility to watch movies and series, of course many of us will chose to go to that ISP rather going to another one which doesn’t give this facility.
In this course, I will explain about all protocols needed to be able to apply Multicast in your network with MikroTik products, and this will be followed with step-by-step LABS to make the idea clearer to you and you will be able to apply it right away on your production network.
To follow the LABS of this course, you require 2 MikroTik routers (HAP lite is enough) as well as UTP Cables and 2 PCs with VLC Media software installed which is a freeware software.

Course Highlights

In this course you will learn:

  • Introduction to Multicast
  • IGMP version 1
  • IGMP version 2
  • IGMP Proxy
  • Multicast Layer 3 (PIM)
  • Multicast PIM Bootstrap (BSR)
  • Layer 2 Multicast – IGMP Snooping


  • Basic computer skills
  • Familiar with MikroTik RouterOS v6