What are the components of Multicast?

We now agreed that Multicast is the best option when it comes to video streaming and it has a lot of advantages compared to the Unicast and Broadcast streaming. Now, it is important to know that Multicast doesn’t work “out of box” like Unicast for example. So, there are number of components that we should know to be able to configure Multicast correctly on MikroTik.

1st thing to know, when using Multicast we should send the packets to a specific destination address. For this, we use class D range which is: to These addresses should be destination addresses and cannot be sources addresses. The source address in this case will be the one from the sever that is sending the multicast such as the video server.

2nd thing to bear in mind when using Multicast, is to use an application that support multicast. There are different types of applications in the market that you can use for multicast, but the simplest one is VLC mediaplayer which can stream and receive video streaming on the network.

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