Installing the multicast package on RouterOS

As you can see, I have a MikroTik router and my PC is connected to it on port Ether1. There is no any configuration on the router (I have reset it to default).

Let’s see what packages are available on the router.

As you can see, the multicast package is not listed there. So, we need to add it in order to be able to configure multicast on the MikroTik router. To do that, we should have the RouterOS upgraded to the latest version (which is already applied on my router) and we should download the multicast package from MikroTik website based on our router architecture.

Let’s check what is my MikroTik router architecture:

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You can see it on top of Winbox, it is “mipsbe”. Now I know the architecture of the rouer, I need to go to MikroTik website and download the extra packages of this architecture where the multicast package is included. You don’t need an account on MikroTik website to download the packages. Let’s do it directly.

From website, you go to software then you download “Extra packages” based on the router architecture which is “mipsbe”

As you see, we should be on the higher RotuerOS version which is in my case 6.48.1, that’s why in case your router is on an older version I highly advise that you upgrade it first then go to the steps that I am showing you in this LAB.

Now the file has been downloaded from MikroTik website, I need to extract it because it is compressed, and I need to get the multicast package only.

Now I have this multicast npk file on my desktop, I can just drag and drop the file to anywhere on Winbox, or I can just upload to the file list as the following:

Now we should have the file inside the File List. Let’s check:

Indeed it is there. Now all you need to do it to reboot the router. But before I do that, let me show you that at the moment there is no any place on the MikroTik router to configure the multicast but after we reboot the router we will see multicast options will be added to the router. Let me show you how it is now:

You see, from Routing there is no any option to configure multicast. I will reboot the router, then the multicast options will be added and then I should go to Routing and see if I am able to configure multicast after the multicast package has been installed successfully. Let’s reboot the router:

Now the MikroTik router has been rebooted. Let’s go to Routing again and see whether the options of configuring the multicast appears. We will have to go to Routing again:

Excellent!!! I see now “IGMP Proxy” and “PIM” in the Routing which were not shown before we installed the multicast package.

Finally, let’s see if the multicast package has been shown as an active package:

Indeed, I do see the multicast package listed in the Package List. That’s great!!!! Now I can start configuring multicast on my MikroTik router.



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