MikroTik Wireless Default Authenticate

We are still in the same LAB scenario.

Let’s go now to R1 and uncheck the default authenticate then check if R2 can still go to the internet:

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

So, I have removed now Default Authenticate on R1. Let’s see if R2 can still go to the internet:

Oops!!!! It is not working anymore.

Default Authenticate when checked means that every time a station is associated to the wireless it can be authenticated by default and will be allowed to enter the wireless network. When you uncheck it, this means that by default, no any station trying to connect to the wireless, is allowed to be authenticated.

Let’s re-enable it now and see if the internet will work again on R2:

So this has been enabled.

I will check if R2 can go to the internet now:

Indeed, R2 is able to go to the internet.


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