MikroTik Wireless Station

I have added a 2nd router (R2) which I want it to be acting as a station to R1. Let’s connect R2 to R1’s wireless.

1st, I need to create on R2 the same password that I have on R1. Let’s do that:

The password has been created. Now I need to scan to find the wireless signal of R1 (remember to enable the WLAN1 on R2 first):

It showed up. I clicked on connect to connect to that frequency. Now I need to put the security profile in the wireless setting and put mode as station bridge:

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

You will notice that once you click Connect when doing scan, R2 will take the R1 frequency and add it in his wireless setting.

I can see that the wireless is connected because I have an “R” letting showing (R means running):

I will enable DHCP client on WLAN1 so R2 received an IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS from R1:

Let’s check if R2 can go to the internet now:

Yes, it does. Excellent!!!


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