Adding a DNS address (name-server) on Juniper Junos

In this lesson, I will show you how you can add one or more DNS IP addresses on the Juniper device (normally DNS is called name-server on Juniper).

What is the function of the DNS? It is to map the domain name to an IP address and vice versa.

In case you want that your router to reach domain names on the internet, you should provide it DNS servers IP addresses. By default, my Juniper router has 2 DNS IP addresses as the following:

root@Juniper# edit system

[edit system]

root@Juniper# show name-server;;

I would like to change them to and which are some public DNS IP addresses widely used.

I will delete the 1st DNS address and then add, because if you just add then the current DNS IP addresses will not be replaced automatically:


[edit system]

root@Juniper# delete name-server ?

Possible completions:

<[Enter]>            Execute this command

<address>            DNS name server address       DNS name server address       DNS name server address

|                    Pipe through a command

[edit system]

root@Juniper# delete name-server

[edit system]


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