How to connect remotely to the Juniper router using Telnet and SSH v2

Let’s move forward now and start digging more about the configuration on the Junos device. Again, I am still connected to the console port of the Juniper router, and now I want to enable SSH and Telnet on the router so I can connect to it remotely:

Let’s 1st check if those 2 protocols are already enabled on my Juniper router:

root@R1# show system services





Indeed, they are – but still I want to enable SSH v2 and will show you how to enabled Telnet in case it is not enabled:

root@R1# edit system services

[edit system services]

root@R1# set ssh protocol-version ?

Possible completions:

[                    Open a set of values

v1                   Version 1 ssh protocol

v2                   Version 2 ssh protocol

As you can see, there is version 1 and version 2 on SSH. I will enable now version 2:

[edit system services]

root@R1# set ssh protocol-version v2

[edit system services]


Now I will enable Telnet and commit the configuration:

[edit system services]

root@R1# set telnet

[edit system services]

root@R1# commit

commit complete

[edit system services]


Excellent! Let’s see if both protocols are now shown in the router configuration:

root@R1# show

## Last changed: 2024-02-06 13:50:33 UTC

version 12.1X44.5;

system {

host-name R1;

root-authentication {

encrypted-password “$1$qFS2OEKp$gXfJyeQG9MAAQIsdwk5Vg0”; ## SECRET-DATA


name-server {;;


    services {

        ssh {

            protocol-version v2;




Indeed – I can see them clearly in the configuration (and also they are on the active configuration because we have committed the configuration).

I will connect my PC’s network card to the 2nd Ethernet port of the Juniper router, it should directly receive an IP. So, the drawing will be like this:


Let’s check if my PC can ping the Juniper router:


The ping is there.

I will open putty and try to do SSH to the router on its IP


Here we go, I could log in to the SSH after the Juniper router has exchanged with my PC the keys 😊

I will repeat the same but now with Telnet:


Also, Telnet is working 😊

This is all what I wanted to show you in this lesson, hope you enjoyed it and see you in the upcoming one.

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