Navigate the Configuration Hierarchy in Juniper Junos (up, top, exit configuration-mode)

After we now know about the Configuration hierarchy, I would like to show you how you can navigate it. What does it mean exactly? Well, think that you are on the user configuration hierarchy level and you want to go back to the top level or maybe to a level in between, would this be possible? The answer is yes indeed it is possible. Let me show you how this can be done.

Let’s do to the system configuration hierarchy level:

root@R1# edit system

[edit system]


I am now on the “edit system” configuration hierarchy level as you can see.

From this level, I can write any command which comes under the “system” command as follows:

[edit system]

root@R1# set ?

Possible completions:

> accounting                 System accounting configuration

allow-6pe-traceroute  Allow IPv4-mapped v6 address in tag icmp6 TTL expired packet

allow-v4mapped-packets  Allow processing for packets with V4 mapped address

+ apply-groups               Groups from which to inherit configuration data

+ apply-groups-except   Don’t inherit configuration data from these groups

> archival                       System archival management

> arp                               ARP settings

+ authentication-order   Order in which authentication methods are invoked

> auto-configuration

> autoinstallation

> backup-router             IPv4 router to use while booting

> commit                      Configuration commit management

compress-configuration-files  Compress the router configuration files

> configuration-database  Configuration database parameters

> ddos-protection      Configure DDOS process

default-address-selection  Use system address for locally originated traffic

> diag-port-authentication  Authentication for the diagnostic port

domain-name          Domain name for this router

+ domain-search        List of domain names to search

donot-disable-ip6op-ondad  Do not disable IP operation on interface, if DAD fails on EUI-64 link local address

—(more 32%)—

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