Juniper Command Line CLI help

Juniper offers us a help to know how to write the commands correctly. For example, let’s say that I want to change the root password and I don’t know how to do it. I can use the help from Juniper and it will guide me how I can change the root password on Juniper router.

I am going to do a LAB to go through the help and see how it works.

I am still connected to the Juniper router via console. Let’s log in to the root and write just a question mark “?” :

root# ?

Possible completions:

<[Enter]>          Execute this command

activate             Remove the inactive tag from a statement

annotate            Annotate the statement with a comment

commit             Commit current set of changes

copy                 Copy a statement

deactivate         Add the inactive tag to a statement

delete               Delete a data element

edit                   Edit a sub-element

exit                   Exit from this level

extension         Extension operations

help                 Provide help information

insert               Insert a new ordered data element

load                 Load configuration from ASCII file

prompt            Prompt for an input

protect             Protect the statement

quit                 Quit from this level

rename            Rename a statement

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