Factory-default Configuration on Juniper

In every Junos device, there is a possibility to load the factory-default configuration which is the configuration that Juniper provide it to the Junos device by default.

The way to do it is very easy. But before we apply it, let’s check 1st the current configuration that I have on the Juniper router:

root@R2# show

## Last changed: 2024-02-05 17:52:52 UTC

version 14.1R4.8;

system {

host-name R2;

root-authentication {

encrypted-password “$1$3hHX87WB$VlIPrcgAMz9TInBYol9.U/”; ## SECRET-DATA


login {

user Brian {

uid 2002;

class super-user;

authentication {

encrypted-password “$1$R8WYawVo$lSoc3h5PTgP8XdRkwKF371”; ## SECRET-DATA



user Jack {

uid 2000;

class read-only;

authentication {

encrypted-password “$1$3x3wZw7H$4IwR6bNhmvw0F5bPs8nWX.”; ## SECRET-DATA



I am just showing the 1st page of the “show” command where I can see that I have previously created many users when I was doing the previous LABs.

I would like now to load the factory-default configuration on the Juniper router:

root@R2# load ?

Possible completions:

factory-default     Override existing configuration with factory default

merge                   Merge contents with existing configuration

override               Override existing configuration

patch                    Load patch file into configuration

replace                 Replace configuration data

set                        Execute set of commands on existing configuration

update                 Update existing configuration

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