Monitoring using the “show” command on Juniper

In many occasions through this course, I have used the “show” command to check if the things that I was configuring was correct.

In this unit we will dig more about the “show” command.

As we already know, the “show” works from the operational mode. Let’s see what I can have as a completion command with the show:

root@R1> show ?

Possible completions:

accounting           Show accounting profiles and records

amt                  Show AMT Protocol information

ancp                 Show ancp information

app-engine           Show App-engine information

aps                  Show Automatic Protection Switching information

arp                  Show system Address Resolution Protocol table entries

as-path              Show table of known autonomous system paths

backup-selection     Show backup selection policies information

bfd                  Show Bidirectional Forwarding Detection information

bgp                  Show Border Gateway Protocol information

bridge               Show bridging information

chassis              Show chassis information

class-of-service     Show class-of-service (CoS) information

cli                  Show command-line interface settings

configuration        Show current configuration

connections          Show circuit cross-connect connections

database-replication  Show database replication information

ddos-protection      Show DDOS information

dhcp                 Show Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol information


dhcpv6               Show Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol v6 information

diameter             Show diameter information

—(more 23%)—

This is just the 1st page that I am show you, and you can see there are plenty of  completion commands that I can use after the show.

In this lesson, I will show you 18 different show commands that you have to be responsible for the associate level in Juniper.

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