Juniper Interface Naming convention

During the previous chapters, we have seen that an interface has a name for example of ge-0/0/0. But why does it have this name and not something else? Well, there is a reason behind the naming of the interface on Juniper to look this way and in this lesson I am going to explain it.

Most interfaces on Juniper devices are named as: fpc/pic/port where:

Fpc: line card slot number

Pic: interface card slot number

Port: port number

Example: Ge-0/0/0

Gigabit ethernet, fpc 0, pic 0, port 0

But what is this exactly?

Let’s say that this is the Juniper router and the ports on it.

This router has 2 fpc (line cards) which are shown here:

When you say ge-0/0/0, then the first 0 number is referring to the FPC0.

The second 0 number is referring to the pic number which is the interface card slot number. Let me show you which one is this on the illustration:

Now we know the first two zeros from ge-0/0/0 from where they come from.

The last zero is just the port number. In every PIC there are 4 ports, so will number them from 0 to 3 as the following:

This will lead us to know that ge-0/0/0 is:



Port 0

Then it is the following port:

This is all what I wanted to show you in this lesson, hope you enjoyed it and see you in the upcoming one 😊

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