MikroTik Firewall Protecting your customers (Forward)

We are still on the same LAB scenario. Let’s say that now I want to disallow the PC to go to a specific website. When we say that, this means we are talking about the forward chain because the traffic is bypassing the router to go to the internet.

I will disable anyone going to my company website which is http://maict-consult.com

Before I do the filter rule, let’s see if my company website can be opened:

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

Indeed!!! It can be opened without any problem.

Let’s try to block it now so it doesn’t open anymore.

First I need to know what the IP address of my website’s Web server is. I need to ping to my website domain name:

I have recorded the IP of my website web server as:

Now let’s create the filter rule to block access to that website (remember, we have to use the forward chain here):

The rule has been created. I am saying that any traffic traversing my router and going to the destination address, then the action is to drop it. Let’s check if I can still go to my company website:

No, it is not possible anymore.



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