Background of MikroTik company and where it is based?

In this 1st chapter, I have to start doing an introduction about MikroTik. The first question that will come to your mind will be: What is MikroTik?

In a simple sentence, MikroTik is a software and hardware manufacturer. That means that they have their own Operating System, which is called RouterOS, and they have their own hardware which is called a Routerboard. The RouterOS (the last version is version 7 used in this course) is always installed on the RouterBoards to be the main Operating System of all MikroTik products.

The market that MikroTik targets varies in size. It can start from Home, then companies, organizations, hotels, hospitals until we go to big ISPs and WISPs. So, as you will see, the products they create are very stable and they can be used from

small users and it can go to big networks such as an ISPs.

That means that the goal of MikroTik is to make the Internet technology faster, powerful and affordable to wider range of users.

MikroTik company is based in Latvia which is a European country having borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.

I had the chance to visit Latvia once when I was following the “Train the Trainer” session at MikroTik office to become a MikroTik Certified Trainer. The training happened at MikroTik training facility in Latvia. I was there for couple of days and have enjoyed my stay there.

MikroTik is fully operated in Latvia, that means that they do not have any other offices for them outside Latvia. Of course, they do have a lot of distributors in most of the countries, but as per MikroTik itself, the only offices they have are in Latvia (at least up to now).


History of MikroTik    

MikroTik is not a very old company, but their products are widely used in all the world. Here below a table showing you when MikroTik has started:

  • 1995: Established
  • 1997: RouterOS software for x86 (PC)
  • 2002: RouterBOARD is born
  • 2006: First MUM

So, the company has been established in year 1995. Then the first RouterOS they created was in year 1997 (so 2 years later). That RouterOS was only used on an x86 PC hardware in that time. That means if you had a PC, you could run the RouterOS on it and make it as a router. That was the only option available in that time.

In year 2002, MikroTik has created its own Routerboard (we will speak about the Routerboard in this chapter)

In year 2006, MikroTik has organized the first MUM. MUM means “MikroTik User Meeting”. This type of event happens once every couple of months (prior Covid-19 period) where many MikroTik employees come to a country and organize an event to speak about their latest technologies and give a chance for MikroTik consultants and trainers to show about some of technologies they use in their production networks. This will be in a form of presentation that MikroTik;s consultants/trainers can show to the participants.

Because of Covid, the MUM has been ceased but surely after the pandemic is over, new MUMs will happen in different countries.

I highly advise you to participate in MUMs when it happens in your region. You can spend couple of days seeing presentation of new technologies and meeting MikroTik employees. Also the entrance is for free ????


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