Upgrading the RouterOS

Now that we have learned how to downgrade the RouterOS, it is time to learn how to upgrade it.

There are 3 different ways to upgrade the RouterOS:

  • Upgrade online
  • Upgrade manually by uploading the new RouterOS to the router
  • Upgrade using Auto Upgrade (not yet possible on RouterOS v7 as for now. I have already email MikroTik support asking to add Auto Upgrade on RouterOS v7)

There are also 2 different ways to upgrade the RouterOS which are not listed here. It can be done via:

  • The dude

Those 2 ways will not be explained in this course because they are not part of the MTCNA track.

Let’s start speaking about upgrade the RouterOS online. I will do a LAB for this.

LAB: Upgrade the RouterOS Online       

I am still on the same LAB scenario. R1, from the last LAB, has the RouterOS version 7.1.1 installed on it. I have decided that I want to upgrade it to 7.1.2 which is the latest stable version now.

As R1 is connected to the internet, I can simply do the upgrade online. Let me show you how to do it.

You have here 2 options:

  • Download
  • Download & Install

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