Reflashing the RouterOS using Netinstall

A lot of cases you may be in a situation where the RouterOS is not booting properly. These cases can be from some bugs on the new RouterOS, or from different other reasons. This way, you do not have access to the router anymore. Even if you try to reset it, nothing will change because the problem isn’t in the configuration but on the RouterOS itself.

For this reason, you may need to re-flash completely the RouterOS. What does it mean? Re-flashing means that you get a complete new RouterOS file, and you install it into the router. This way, you can regain access to the router.

To mention that once you re-flash the RouterOS then you will lose all configuration that was saved on the router and all files that were in the router. However, it does not erase the license key that you have on the router and does not reset the RouterBOOT related settings.

To understand better how you can re-flash the RouterOS, let’s do a LAB so you can see step by step how this can be done.

LAB: Refalshing the RouterOS (Netinstall)

The LAB scenario looks different now. I have connected my PC directly to Ether1 of R1. You are always required to connect to the 1st interface on the router when you want to do the RouterOS re-flashing.

To be able to do the re-flashing, I require to download 2 things from MikroTik website:

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