MikroTik Router Identity

Router identity is the name that you wish to provide to your router. When you have a big network with many MikroTik routers, you better choose the right name for each of the routers.

Setting up a name for the router can be done from different places. I will show you in the upcoming LAB how to do that from Winbox and from the command line.

LAB: Router Identity

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We are still in the same LAB scenario. As per the graph, the name of the router is R1. Let’s change the name from Winbox and make it Router1

Let’s check now if the router name has been changed to Router1

Indeed, it is now Router1.

Now I want to show you some issues you may have when changing the name of the router from the terminal. Let’s try to change the name to My Router from the terminal.

I got a problem when I put a space between My and Router words. To solve the problem, you should write My Router between quotations as the following:

Once done, the router has taken the name successfully.

On Winbox you will not have this problem. You can write name with space without any issue. Let me show you:

Let’s check if the router name has been changed:

Indeed, it is now My Router R1 ????

Done with the router identity, let’s speak now about the RouterOS users and groups.



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