Configuring OSPF Totally NSSA in Huawei (Totally Not-So-Stubby-Area)

Now I need to configure Area 1 as a totally NSSA. With this type of stub area, LSA type 3 and LSA type 5 will be blocked, and LSA type 7 will be used so you can have an ASBR in that area.

Let me show you how you can configure that.

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

Let’s check the LSDB on R1.

Finally, let’s check R1 routing table. We should see only a default route on OSPF.

Here we go!!!! Now in case there is an area after area 1, it will receive the LSA type 5. Also, you can have an ASBR on area 1.

That’s all what I wanted to explain to you in this chapter, and this is the last chapter of this book. I hope that I could bring the OSPF knowledge to you and I hope you enjoyed my way of teaching. ????



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