Understand the OSPF LSA types in Huawei

Now we understand the theory, let’s open the LAB of the last chapter and check the different types of LSA that we have in the LSDB’s.

As you know, OSPF is already configured on all the routers. Let’s check which router is the DR in area 0.

I will check on R3 because he has the highest router id ( so he should be the DR.

Indeed, R3 is the DR.

Let think of what the LSDB table would have on R3, which LSA types.

If we think carefully, we should have the following LSA types:

  • LSA Type 1 – Router LSA
  • LSA Type 2 – Network LSA
  • LSA Type 3 – Summary LSA

We do not have any ASBR in this scenario, neither any redistributed network nor NSSA area, so LSA Type 4, 5 and 7 should not show in the LSDB table.

I am curious to see, are you? Let’s check the LSDB of R3.

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

Here it is ???? – the result is exactly as we have thought. You see the LSA type 3 Summary network LSA is coming from R2 because R2 is a ABR and he has flooded the LSA type 3 to area 0 so routers in that area know about the network in area 1. Excellent!!!! I will leave for you below the LSBD for R1, R2 and R4 below so you can check them if you like to.

With this I have finished this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it and see you in the upcoming one.



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