Configuring OSPF Totally Stub Area in Huawei

In this LAB, I want to configure area 1 to be a totally stub area. Remember, with totally stub area LSA type 3 and type 5 area blocked, so we will only see a default route on the routing table.

Let’s do the work.

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

Once you use the keywork “no-summary” after “stub” command, then you are saying to the router that you are configuring a totally stub area.

Let’s check R1 LSDB table (we shouldn’t see LSA type 3 and LSA type 5).

Correct!!!! We do not see them anymore.

Let’s check the routing table of R1.

I only see a default route on OSPF. There is no any inter-area or external routes.

Excellent!!!! You may need to use totally stub areas in areas that do not have any other areas connected after them, this way you can reduce the LSA’s flooding, LSDB and routing size in the routers which belong to that area.

I will remove the configuration of the totally stub area because I still need the same scenario for the upcoming LAB.



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