LAB: OSPF Hello packets on Huawei

I do have 2 routers connected to a switch, then this is a broadcast network type. I only have IP addresses set on the routers, now I need to configure OSPF and check if they will be forming neighborship. Let’s check if R1 can reach R2 with a ping command.

The ping is working. Let’s start configuring OSPF on R1 then on R2.

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While I am on R2, let me check if the neighborship has been formed:

Indeed, I see that the OSPF neighborship has been formed and that’s because the information in the hello packets (that must be matched) are matched as the following:

  • Network mask is the same
  • Area is the same (area 0)
  • Authentication is the same (actually there is no authentication set here)
  • Hello interval is the same.
  • Dead interval is the same.

To check the Hello and Dead interval on both routers, you can run the following command:

You can see that R1 has hello interval of 10 seconds and dead interval of 40 seconds. Let’s check whether R2 has the same interval values:

You can see that R2 has exactly the same values, and that’s why the neighborship has been formed between the 2 routers.



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