LAB: Huawei OSPF area mismatch

We are still in the same LAB. At this moment there is neighborship between R1 and R2 as you see here below:

What I need to do is to change the area on R2 and make it area 1 instead of area 0. Remember, we have seen that areas should be the same for the OSPF neighborship to be formed. I want to check whether this is true by testing it.

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I will remove the whole OSPF from R2 and configure it again but this time using area 1. Let’s remove OSPF first.

Here OSPF has been removed completely from R2.

I will configure OSPF again on R2 but this time I will use area 1.

I waited but no neighborship has been formed. Normally if everything is corrected, the neighborship will be formed in less than 10 seconds.

Let’s justify if R2 could have R1 as a neighbor:

As you can see, nothing!!!!!

So be careful in case you need to have neighborship on OSPF that peer routers are on the same area.

I will make the changed in the background so R1 and R2 are neighbor again because this is needed for the upcoming LAB.



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