LAB: Huawei OSPF DR/BDR election

In chapter 1, I have spoken about the Designated Router (DR) and Backup Designated Router (BDR) and I have explained why we need them in our OSPF network. In this chapter, I want to show you how the DR and BDR are being elected and this will be shown in LABS.

Before we go to the LABS, there is a miss-understanding that many students have when it come to the DR and BDR election. Most of students think that there will be only 1 DR and 1 BDR per area, and that’s totally wrong. In other word, the DR/BDR election happen per segment and not per area, which means that in case you have 4 segments in one area then you will have 4 DR’s and 4 BDR’s. I will show you in this chapter a LAB for this scenario.

For now let me show you directly to see how the DR/BDR election will happen.

LAB: OSPF DR/BDR election

Here I have a scenario where R1, R2 and R3 are connected to the same switch and are in the same area which is area 0. This is called a broadcast multi-access network. And as I have explained to you in chapter one, in a broadcast network we will have DR/BDR routers.

I have already configured the IP addresses and the OSPF, and I have given each routers in the following router IDs:

  • R1:
  • R2:
  • R3:

To justify that, let me show you the router id’s of each router.

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