Configuring OSPF Virtual Link in Huawei (discontinuous backbone area)

Another place where you could use an OSPF virtual link is when you have area 0 that is discontinuous. Let me show you this in a graph.

You can see that area 0 is split and in between is area 1. In this case, we require to make virtual link in area 1.

I have already done all OSPF configuration, now I need to do the virtual link config.

If we look to R1 routing table, he does not see the network of which is in area 0 on the other side.

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

Same if we look to R4, we should not be able to see the network of in his routing table.

To solve the problem, let’s configure virtual link between R2 and R3 (I will not use any authentication).

Here we go!!!

I will check if the virtual link is formed.

It is fully formed. Great!!!!

Finally, let’s check if R1 can see R4 network and vice versa.

Wow!!! All is working like it is planned. Both R1 and R4 can see the networks of each other after I have configured the virtual link. That’s really awesome ????.

This is all what I wanted to show you in this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it and I see you in the upcoming one.



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