Apply Layer 2 QOS on the MikroTik Switch

There is another way also to limit the traffic using the Switch Rules. On the switch rule, you can limit only the ingress traffic and have plenty of matching options such as:

  • MAC address
  • Port
  • VLAN
  • Protocol
  • DSCP

And so on.

Depending on each switch model, the number of rules entries will be bigger or smaller. There is a list of number of rules entries that you can use on most MikroTik Switches below:

[mepr-show rules=”319″ unauth=”message”]

My MikroTik Switch is CRS326-24G-2s+, so I can have up to 128 rules.

Let’s apply that on a LAB. Before I do the LAB, I have removed the ingress/egress rate on Ether1 of SW1.

LAB: Layer 2 QOS

I am still on the same scenario. I want to limit the traffic from SW2 to SW1 to be 5 Mbps using the ACL.

I will go to SW1 and do the following:

Remember, this will limit the ingress traffic to SW1. As you can see, on the Match I do have a lot of options that I can use such as MAC, VLAN, IP Address, Protocol, etc.  Depending on your case, you can use any of the available matchers.

Let’s do now BW-Test from SW2 to SW1 (I still have IP addresses on Ether1 interfaces of SW1 and SW2).

As you can see, it is only limiting the Tx on SW2 which is the ingress of SW1. If you want to limit the Rx on SW2, then you need to create a rule on SW2 to limit the ingress, this way you are limiting both Tx and Rx.

This is all the necessary procedure you need to do in QOS of this course.


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