Configure the normal Spanning-Tree Procotol (STP) on the MikroTik Switches

As you can see, this is my scenario. I have a redundant switch network and I want to use the classic STP to have a loop-free network.

I have already put the interfaces inside the bridge on all Switches. Remember, you should be on a version over 6.41 so the Switch chip Hardware offload would work. Also, when adding the interfaces to the bridge, be sure that you check the hardware offload.

By default on MikroTik, the Switches are using RSTP, so we need to change that to STP. You should go to each switch and from the bridge, you go to the STP tab and enable STP.

If you look carefully, the priority by default is 8000 on hexadecimal.

Now STP is enabled on all 3 switches. Excellent.

Let’s see which switch has been elected as a Root Bridge and check its port states. If we compare the Bridge IDs of the 3 switches, we see that SW1 has the lowest bridge ID, thus all its ports should be designated ports. Let’s check on SW1 itself.

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